Thought I was straight, now I just don't know

Craig, 4 months ago

I've always identified as a straight male and for good reason. All of my fantasies and romantic endeavours involved strictly females. People around me have questioned my sexuality from time to time but it hasn't ever bothered me or made me think too much about it until recently. The speculation around my sexuality is taking its toll on the social dynamics I try to maintain with others.

Becoming self-conscious made me realise that I do have an aesthetic attraction to men. For example, I have a room mate who I do recognise as a very good looking guy. He's so good looking I don't know where to look when I'm around him.

I've tried watching gay porn but its not really for me. Also, I don't have the urge to have any sexual experiences with men (as of yet).

Can some explain to me what's happening?

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