I'm scared to carry on vaping

Toby, 2 months ago

I successfully switched to vaping six months ago, I'd been a full-time (20-pack a day) smoker for 7-years prior.

I wouldn't say I enjoy vaping and can't lie, I miss smoking. My physical health as improved massively over recent months though, I can finally breath again!

However, when you search for 'vaping' online you're presented with a terrifying amount of horror stories. Teenagers are developing irreversible 'popcorn lung-like' injuries (whatever that is) and some are even dying. Juul is being sued out-of-business and Apple has removed vaping-related apps from the App Store.

I'm not sure what to think anymore and I'm a little on the concerned/nervous side. Do I continue vaping or try and find an alternative to keep me away from cigarettes. What're your thoughts?


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